Operating Theatre

Our Surgery Room & Operating Theatre

At vetessential, we show equal emphasis on internal medicine as well as surgical treatments for our trusted companions. Having a spacious operating theatre equipped with the latest technology in surgery allows us to deliver more complex procedures readily to our patients. Team work among surgeons, nurse and anaesthetists makes it possible for us to take on challenging cases and critical patients delivering our best to them.

Every patient that enters the surgery room is carefully assessed before sedation. We perform pre-anaesthetic blood work; Electrocardiogram and occasionally echocardiogram to determine heart function; place Intravenous Catheter and intra-operative fluids running throughout the entire procedure. Sedation and preparation is done before entering the operating theatre, with inhalant anaesthesia keeping them comfortably sleeping and safe.

Dedicated monitoring equipment are connected once sedation is done, keeping track of their heart rate, SpO2, heart rhythm, respiration rate, ETCo2, core body temperature as well and constant blood pressure monitoring. Stability of patient throughout the surgery is taken care of by anaesthetist or nurse while the surgeons focus on the surgery.

Full Range Equipment to
Assist with life changing Surgery

Full surgical set

From routine simple spay to complex liver lobectomy, each of our surgical sets always carry the full equipment as per standard surgery set. Additional special instruments are available at a moments notice and all sterilized, stored for that day which they are required. Mayo table and instrument tables allow usage of multiple surgical sets as well as special instruments involving up to 8 different trays for a single patient.

Multi-parameter monitors

Close monitoring of patient vitals during surgery, allowing early intervention in any anaesthetic crisis. With dedicated nurse on duty to monitor patient status throughout surgery


  • Endoscope is often combined with conventional surgery to reach small deep spaces and enhance visualization of surgical field. Usage with cystotomy, TECA-LBO, VBO intraoperatively adds huge advantage for these more complex surgeries to ensure complete resection or removal of the diseased tissue.
  • Endoscopic surgery made possible with the usage of endoscope in the operating theatre. Currently our branch Yee Veterinary in SS2 PJ is offering this type of specialized surgery.

Overhead operating spotlights

  • Shadowless overhead surgical lights are essential to allow good visual field and ensuring deeper structures are illuminated well enough to be operated on.
  • Flexible angle and lighting options give the surgeon choices to illuminate soft tissue structures, blood vessels or bone by deciding on lighting option and makes identification of these structures easier.

Gas anaesthetic machine with Ventilator

  • Gas anaesthetic machine allows safe maintenance of anaesthesia especially for long procedures and enables adjustment of patient anaesthetic depth quickly when needed.
  • Ventilator helps patient to breath and keep lungs inflated especially during open chest surgery or any procedures involving the lungs or thoracic cavity.

Monopolar & Bipolar diathermy

  • Option to have electrosurgery for quick hemostasis, sealing small vessels quickly ensuring shorter surgery time and cleaner surgical field. Small delicate structures and arteries can be dissected carefully and cauterized quickly.

Advanced vessel sealing device

  • Vessel sealing device such as ligasure allows confident sealing of large vessels, minimizing bleeding issues for surgeries around highly vascularized structures.
  • Different handpieces catered to different need, scissors type for open surgery and long shear type for reaching deep structures and also endoscopic surgery.


  • C-arm allows intra-operative radiograph to be taken without moving the patient, fluoroscopy video to help identify implant position, tumor spread or location of porto-systemic shunts.
  • Fluoroscopy allows placement of stent and special minimally invasive procedures.

Other Common Surgical Equipments

Fluids machine and syringe pumps

Critical patients may require 3-4 different types of medication to keep them stable during surgery. Having multiple drip machine and syringe pumps allows us to titrate the medications (CRI) needed carefully as needed throughout the anaesthesia

Suction Machine

  • Allows clearing of excessive fluids, blood or contaminants from surgical field to allow better visualization of the site and clearing out infectious material/flushes faster minimizing risk of infection.

Range of surgical staplers and hemoclips

  • These are special instruments for those hard to reach areas where bleeding can be an issue. Liver lobectomy, nephrectomy, deep arterial bleeding are all made possible with these special stapler and hemoclips.

"With the addition of equipment according to the advancement of surgical techniques and solutions, we aim to do more every day, and to do it better everyday."