Facilities & Services

Diagnosis Procedures

  • Diagnostic imaging – Digital radiography, ultrasound, echocardiography, contrast study, endoscopy (available at Yee Veterinary, SS2)
  • In-house laboratory – Complete blood count, serum biochemistry machine, urinalysis, blood typing, hormone panel, antibody titre check, blood clotting profile
  • Discussion and cooperation across a team of veterinary doctors in solving rare and complex diseases

Overseas laboratory diagnosis & consultation (US, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Medical Treatments

  • In-depth diagnosis work up
  • Hospitalisation & procedures – Critical care, IV drip machine-operated fluid therapy, in-house laboratory, dedicated nurses on duty, blood typing & transfusions, oxygen chamber (selected branches)
  • Separated flu wards for cats

Surgical Treatments

Surgical treatment & ward – Soft tissue surgeries, referral complex surgeries, orthopedic surgeries inclusive of fractures, luxations and joint issues, joint replacement procedures (total hip replacement), and dental procedures

Advanced Treatment & Diagnosis

thorough diagnostic and treatment procedures that goes beyond the extra mile for our patients

ICU & Oxygen

Intensive care unit with oxygen chamber – Includes close monitoring of critical cases, nurses and doctors on standby with emergency drugs and for CPR, Close assessment of patients throughout the day