Cat Services

We cater to the specific needs your cats deserve


Entire Floor Dedicated to Cats Only (Selected Branch)

Separation from other animals for consultation and hospitalisation, just cats.

Preventive Healthcare

Inclusive of vaccination, neutering (spay/castrate), endo and ecto parasite prevention, as well as informative consultations on routine and health care for your pets.

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

We provide hospitalisation & critical care, separated normal and flu wards (selected branches only), IV drip machine-operated fluid therapy, in-house laboratory providing results within 10 minutes, specialised nurses on duty, blood typing and transfusions, and oxygen chambers at selected branches.

Surgical Treatment & Ward

We provide soft tissue surgeries inclusive of advanced procedures, orthopedic surgeries for fractions, luxations, and joint issues, and dental procedures.

Intensive Care Units

Leave your furry felines with us for close observation in our ICU ward for critical cases.