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Shinzō, meaning ‘heart’ in Japanese, provides veterinary cardiology services at Kota Damansara Veterinary Centre. As a cardiology referral center, Dr. Leong collaborates closely with referring veterinarians to diagnose and treat various cardiovascular diseases in dogs and cats. These conditions encompass hypertension, heart failure, congenital heart defects, age-related heart diseases, heart muscle diseases, arrhythmias, lung diseases, and so on.

While the cardiology room is equipped with a top-notch ultrasound machine for strain echocardiography, Dr. Leong firmly believes that a thorough history-taking and conventional physical examination are equally vital in veterinary medicine. Moreover, to cater to educated pet owners increasingly concerned about their furkids’ health status, Shinzō’s cardiology room is designed for in-depth consultations over a coffee table, ensuring both furkids and their parents feel more comfortable.

Nonetheless, Dr. Leong is also a key opinion leader and researcher in veterinary cardiology in Malaysia, actively contributing to the education of fellow veterinarians.

Dr. Anthony Leong

Dedicated Veterinary Cardiology Services

Dr. Anthony Leong

Dedicate Veterinary Cardiology Services