Get Your Pet Insured

Pet insurance is now available widely in Malaysia. Protect your pets by getting them insured.

Veterinary Care for Dogs

Importance of pet insurance

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. There are many unexpected events that could take place to your pet dog or cat during this journey. Your pet could fall sick from medical related illnesses or be met with an accident. These incidences could result in unexpected high vet medical bill.

An insurance plan will protect you from these sudden rise in vet expenses, and put you slightly at ease from the burden of being a pet parent.

Information about pet insurance in Malaysia

Pet insurance for our furkids is a relatively new concept for Malaysia but nevertheless we are excited to see more and more people knowing about it and protecting their pets with proper insurance. 

    One of the biggest challenge for veterinary practice is that we have to constantly choose and pick certain tests & treatments (and skip certain steps) in order to try to serve our patients best while working within a limited budget. This sometimes translates into skipping some necessary tests and follow ups, and picking medications that are more prioritised and putting aside some medication or treatments that are otherwise helpful for the recovery of our patients. It also pains us to know that there some pets are able to be saved or recover from illnesses but cost is the main factor preventing them from getting the help that they need.

    With Insurance in place, we are able to take away the limiting factor of cost and focus solely on the best interest of your furkids. Diagnostic tests, ICU care, medications and Surgical options are all able to be provided fully without compromising the level of care they deserve. If you want to protect your furkids fully, insurance is as necessary as routine vaccinations or deworming.

    Pet insurance for Malaysia is currently being provided by Oyen & MSIG. Simply press the button below to reach to their website for information and signing up. All proceedings from insurance purchased via VETESSENTIAL code will be donated to the rescue organisations that we work closely with. Your furkids will thank you for this and us as veterinary healthcare providers will thank you too. Remember to mention to us that your pet is insured and let us provide the full attention and treatment that they need.

All proceedings from these purchases will go to charity donations as well

Get your pets insured and do charity at the same time